How to Carry 2 Bags as 1

How to Carry 2 Bags as 1

Good news, road warriors! Traveling with two bags doesn’t have to mean twice the hassle. Gone are the days of tripping over multiple sets of wheels or stressing out your shoulders as you navigate from point A to point B. By carrying two bags as one, you’ll be able to glide from the airport to your final destination with confidence. Three easy ways to bring more bags, not more problems:
  1. The SmartLink system allows you to attach extra travel bags to the front of your upright luggage. With your items strapped together and secure, you can pull multiple bags with ease.
  2. The slip-through back panel found on soft companion pieces allows for your smaller bags to slide over the upright handle of your larger bag. The result? Seamless maneuvering of two bags as one.
  3. The Interlocking Handle System allows you to effortlessly secure a smaller bag, such as the @work Medium Spinner Brief, atop any upright bag for easy travel. It’s as simple as adjust, lock, and go.
Another plus? Keeping your carry-ons together means you’ll have one hand on the upright handle and the other hand free. That’s awfully convenient when it comes to flashing your boarding pass or, you know, grabbing that last-minute latte that you totally need to make it through the morning.

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