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When your bag is out of sight, the last thing you want to worry about is having your precious cargo rifled through, or worse -- stolen. It’s important to remember that your bag can be easy to break into without the right protection. And as often as we’d like to think “this would never happen to me,” the possibility of losing your valuables is too real to ignore. So the next time you pack, follow this guide to better secure your luggage and enjoy a worry-free journey.

Use the right lock

Locking up your bags is key to keeping your stuff safe. AKA, don’t leave it up to flimsy zip ties or other makeshift means to give you the protection you need. Get a TSA-friendly Briggs & Riley lock! What’s TSA-friendly, you may ask? It means a TSA agent can easily unlock and check your bag and relock it when they're done. Great for safety inspections, not so great for nosy strangers.

Pro tip: keep your combination number recorded in a safe and easily-accessible place, like your phone’s notes, to make sure you never get locked out of your own bag. You’ll thank us later!

Safety made easy

No one wants to deal with complicated locks. That’s why we made securing your
luggage as easy as possible. To set your lock, simply follow these three steps:
1) Set the three numbers on your Control Panel TM to “0-0-0” and push the TSA access slider in the direction of the arrow. You’ll see two zipper pulls pop open.
2) Next, locate the switch to the right of the combination panel. Taking a pen or other small tool, slide the switch in the direction of the arrow, and hold.
3) Continue holding the switch in place. Turn the dials to your preferred combination and then release the switch. Your lock is ready to go!

If you’re flying international, be aware that not all security agencies outside the US can open your TSA lock. It may get cut if you’re not careful, so always check ahead if it will be accepted in each airport you visit. Bring your most valuable items in your carry-on to ensure that they are as safe as possible.

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