How To Pack Light

How To Pack Light

We’ve all been there when packing for a multi-night trip. Your adventurous side wants to make sure that you have something for every eventuality so that you’re ready for anything. Your practical side wants to make sure that it all fits safely and comfortably within a carry-on. It feels like “packing right” and “packing light” couldn’t possibly exist together. Fear not! By following these simple tips, you’ll spend less time worrying if your suitcase will close and more time planning your itinerary.

  • Set yourself up for packing perfection. As a general rule of thumb, always set aside all the items that you’re considering bringing before you put anything into your bag. This will allow you to look super critically at every item to identify what you simply can’t travel without. Anything that doesn’t make the cut? Pass!
  • In order to make the most of the space inside your carry-on, choose to wear your bulkier items on the plane. You’ll be glad you did – planes are always chilly. Plus, sweaters and jackets can double as an in-flight pillow in case you want to catch some extra Z’s.
  • Goodbye, separation anxiety! We’ve all heard the horror stories, or experienced firsthand, the stress of bags being lost in-transit. Packing an extra set of clothes in a backpack or tote will go a long way to put your mind at ease if you’re separated from your bag.
  • Never sacrifice your style. While you may find it easier to stick to neutrals when it comes to pairing larger items like shirts and pants, any outfit can be spiced up with colorful accessories such as scarves, belts, and ties. With our Baseline Domestic Carry-on Spinner, you can expand the bag by 25% and then compress back down to its original size. Translation? No accessory left behind.
  • Staying a few extra days? Don’t be afraid to utilize hotel laundry services to get multiple wears out of your outfits. Sure, one benefit of packing light is that you’ll avoid baggage fees. But if you ask us, the most important thing is that you won’t have to waste a single moment of your getaway huddled around baggage claim. Who wouldn’t want more time to enjoy their final destination?

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