Suitcase Size Guide

Suitcase Size Guide

You’ve got your trip all figured out. Flight plans? Scheduled. Hotel reservations? Booked. An itinerary that meticulously tracks everything you’re going to do every waking hour? Primed and ready. You know this thing like the back of your hand. So why is it still so tough to pick which suitcase to bring with you? We get it. With so many sizes to choose from, it can be a challenge to figure out which one will best suit your journey. But have no fear -- we’ve got some tips to help make that choice a little easier.

Tip 1: You know what happens when you assume! So don’t assume that same carry-on you brought on your flight to L.A. will fit in the overhead on your trip to Hong Kong.
Every airline has its own size and weight restrictions for carry-ons, so you’ll save a lot of hassle (and moolah) by checking your airline’s guidelines before you pack. We can help improve your travel, but we can’t help you with any carrier charges if your bag is too big!

Tip 2: Just as there are different carry-on restrictions between airlines, there are different rules when flying domestic vs. international.
Flying may be measured in miles, but packing is a game of inches. Typical domestic flights will allow you to take a carry-on that’s up to 22” in height. But if you’re flying beyond borders, make sure you bring both your passport and a smaller carry-on, as most international flights only allow a max height of 21”.

Tip 3: Get the most out of your carry-on.
With our Carry-On Expandable Spinner , you can fit up to 4 more days’ worth of clothes than standard carry-on luggage without breaking those pesky height restrictions. Briggs & Riley’s patented CX TM Technology allows you to expand, pack more, compress, and go -- because yes, those “just in case” outfits are completely necessary.

Tip 4: Pack more and worry less about what you’re leaving behind.
Our Medium Expandable Spinner is a heavy hitter, letting you carry enough clothes to last 6-10 days compared to the 4-6 days you’ll get from other medium spinners. And for truly epic adventures, look no further than our Extra Large Expandable Spinner. It can carry up to a whopping 10-12 days’ worth of clothes, a world away from what other large spinners can hold. Gone are the days are worrying about what gets left hanging in the closet when you’ve got room for everything!

Regardless of where you travel, always be aware of your airline’s luggage limitations. With features like CX TM , our bags will allow you to pack more -- but it's up to you to make sure you've double (and maybe even triple, we’re not judging) checked that the bag you're bringing fits within the airline's size restrictions. With great packing power comes great packing

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