Pack wisely. Travel smoothly.

Pack wisely. Travel smoothly.

Packing List:
  • 2 Sleeveless Tops
  • 1 Long Sleeve Top
  • 1 Short Sleeve Top
    • 2 Tee-Shirts
    • 2 Pairs of Pants
  • 2 Dresses or 2 Skirts
  • 2 Pairs of Shorts
  • 3 Days of Workout Clothing
    • 7 Pairs of Underwear
    • 2 Sets of Pajamas
  • 2 Dresses or 2 Skirts
  • 2 Pairs of Shorts
  • 3 Days of Workout Clothing
  • 7 Pairs of Underwear
    • 2 Sets of Pajamas
    • High Heel Pumps
  • Pair of Loafers
  • Pair of Running Shoes
  • Pair of Flip Flops
No. 1 Every Essential Counts

Make a list to ensure you pack your must-have items, like your passport, toiletries and cell phone charger. As you’re packing, check these items off. Bonus: You can reuse this list for future trips.

No. 2 multifaceted fashion

Assess and edit your wardrobe so you can easily mix and match clothing. Packing neutrals will ensure you have a lot of sophisticated options for work and play. Bring classic, elegant accessories that complement any look.

No. 3 live in layers

Learn to layer for maximum versatility, and check your destination’s weather forecast so you know what types of layers you’ll need. Cardigans, light jackets and long sleeved shirts are perfect for layering. You can take them off or put them on throughout the day depending on the weather.

No. 4 cozy 'n chic

Bring a blanket-sized scarf. It will keep you warm on the flight and in a chilly hotel room. Plus, you can use it as a neck roll when you need a little extra support on the plane or in long meetings.

No. 5 ready to roll
Minimize wrinkling and maximize packing space by rolling your clothing in your luggage. Take these items out when you get to your destination and hang them up so you can easily assess your outfit options every day.

No. 6 clean sweep
Use a lingerie bag that separates “wear me” and “wash me” items. Your future self will thank you when you get home because you’ll automatically know which items need to be laundered.

No. 7 double-duty beauty
Bring makeup that multitasks, like moisturizers with sunscreen and cosmetics that can be applied to your cheeks, eyes and lips. You can also bring trial-sized makeup or cosmetic samples to maximize your beauty bag space.

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