What Does a Lifetime Guarantee Mean, Really?

What Does a Lifetime Guarantee Mean, Really?

Traveling can open your eyes (and mind) like never before, make your heart beat a little bit faster, and fill you with the child-like excitement of Christmas morning. It’s not uncommon for those with a passion for seeing the world to plan their next trip before the one they’re on is even over (and why not?). Of course, every unforgettable getaway requires equally superior luggage to back it up — that’s where we come in. 

Like the memories that will last you a lifetime, so do our products: “Engineered for Reality, Guaranteed for Life.” 

When you buy one of our bags, you’re also forging a steadfast relationship with Briggs & Riley. We’ll be there to help you with all of your travel needs, big or small, near or far, business or pleasure. That’s why we offer a  lifetime guarantee that comes with each piece of Briggs & Riley luggage. 

But, what does a lifetime guarantee really mean? We can tell you this: it’s not just about free repairs. It’s so much more than that. Here’s what you’re really getting when you invest in our luggage. 

Performance on All Levels

From cutting-edge functionality to top-notch customer service, performance is the backbone of Briggs & Riley. 

Whether it’s helping you choose the perfect bag to suit your needs or designing products that go the extra mile (no matter how many miles you’re logging), we’re devoted to making your travel experience as worry-free as possible. Our lifetime guarantee means you’ll have support when you need it — even if it’s not for years to come.


At Briggs & Riley, we understand that luggage can be considered an investment, and that’s not something we take lightly. With our lifetime guarantee, you’re investing in a bag that will be with you for every business trip, family vacation, weekend getaway, romantic escape, road trip — you name it. 

Peace of Mind 

While we stand behind the quality construction of our luggage, our lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind that your bag will be repaired, even if the damage was caused by the airline or security. Not to mention, like a car in need of repair after the odometer hit 150,000 miles on its 20th road trip, your luggage may require a little TLC after years of traveling. You don’t have to worry about your bag because Briggs & Riley will be there for you. Seriously, how often can you say that about other things that you own?

“I am a long term user of Briggs & Riley products. I finally decided to purchase a new Spinner Baseline bag since my other bag was the older commuter style bag. I am sold by the quality of the product and the lifetime warranty provided with each item.  The baseline bags are virtually indestructible, and when finally, after 15+ years of use, I needed a zipper replaced, I was still able to get the bag fixed under the warranty.” -Tammy Shaw

Family Ties 

A Briggs & Riley bag provides a lifetime full of memories, a lifetime full of travel, meaning it can be passed down for generations to come. Think about it: How heartwarming is it to think that the same bag that was by your side everywhere from your first  business trip to your multi-country retirement  RV road trip can be passed down to a loved one to make their own memories. Now, if that doesn’t stand for the true meaning of a lifetime guarantee, we don’t know what does. 


Along with giving you peace of mind while making your travels a bit easier our guarantee also symbolizes sustainability. After all, if your luggage is going to be with you (or a loved one) for a lifetime, it will never wind up at the bottom of a landfill. 

Packing Perfection 

When you regularly travel with the same bag, you eventually learn how to become a packing expert. You know how to navigate every pouch and compartment, you’ve mastered which methods work bestand pretty soon, getting ready for a trip — short or long — becomes second nature, and we can guarantee that. So, that annual trip to Cabo with your friends? You’ve got this. 

Variety to Meet Your Ever-Changing Lifestyle

You update your wardrobe to meet your current needs, so why not your luggage? Briggs & Riley offers a wide array of ingenious designs and color offerings that are continually evolving, just like our customers. Let’s face it: Luggage is as much of a financial investment as it is an emotional one, so it’s got to be part of you and your life experiences. A bag that holds your personal belongings just as much as it does your memories. But don’t take our word for it.

“Best luggage, purses, and accessories I have had the privilege to own. The materials used in the construction of this merchandise is superior to other brands, and the lifetime warranty is unheard of with other companies. Also, the appearance of their luggage and accessories is second to none. I look forward to adding to my luggage an accessory line.” -Darryl Williams

The Final Word

While we can’t promise you that all of your trips will go off without a hitch, we can guarantee that your Briggs & Riley luggage will be with you through good times and bad — even if it needs a repair or two along the way. Where will your next bag take you? 

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