What to Pack for a Weekend Trip.

What to Pack for a Weekend Trip.

Remember: you're going away for a weekend, not a week. When it comes to a short getaway, you deserve to make the most out of every moment of your trip. Why spend it lugging around all those unnecessary items you tossed in your bag last minute as your ran out the door?

Do your homework (it’s easy, we promise!).

Always check the weather in advance so that you can arm yourself with items you’ll need for any outdoor activities or formal events. If it’s warm, great! You can stick to your base layers. If it looks like you could anticipate some cold or rainy weather, because let’s face it, the weather isn’t always perfect, you’ll know to grab an extra jacket or umbrella.

Pack with intention

Experience the power of layers! By packing items that you can mix, match, and layer on, you can get the most out of every article of clothing. And hey, this may even leave you with some extra room to mix it up with that special statement piece. Hello, gorgeous leather jacket. Need to be able to dress up in an instant? Packing a blazer or cardigan can take your everyday outfit from casual to restaurant-with-a-reservation-ready. Presto, change-o! By opting for a cross-functional daybag such as our @work Expandable Crossbody, you’ll be able to stay both stylish and organized. Plus, you’ll avoid weighing down your shoulder with a bulky purse. We all know how those have a habit of turning into a blackhole any time you search for a specific item.

Take what you need, leave what you don’t.

When it comes to packing electronics, consider what you’ll really need for a weekend getaway. Can that work wait until you’re back in the office on Monday? If so, feel free to leave the laptop and tablet at home. We all love a good travel accessory – but do you really need it? When it comes to cutting down on the accessories you’re packing, make sure that you’re only bringing the ones that you consider mission critical, like an eye mask (do not disturb!) or USB charger. With all the room you’ve saved, you’ll have space to bring a small gift for whoever is hosting your stay. And if you’re staying in a hotel, that means more room for bringing home souvenirs. Repeat: more room for bringing home souvenirs! Or that extra outfit you purchased while “window shopping.” C’est la vie.

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