Garment Bags



Briggs & Riley has a variety of different garment bags for all your travel needs. For those weekend trips where you need to take a mixture of smart and casual attire, look no further than the Suiter Duffle. It's lightweight, yet durable and has lots of pockets for organising all those must have items. If it's a larger wheeled piece you need for carrying multiple suits or dresses we offer a nice variety of wheeled garment bags. The Wardrobe Spinner is our best seller. You can carry up to 6 suits with plenty of space for other accessories.   

Along with being high-performing, our garment bags won’t cramp your style. In other words, the sleek design says world-class traveller, not Spring breaker. It’s lightweight yet it’s constructed of a ballistic nylon fabric that resists wear, moisture, dirt, and damage. Of course, even in the unlikely event that something does happen to your bag, the lifetime guarantee means you’re still only making a one-time investment.