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Luggage Covers & Packing Cubes LUGGAGE COVERS

Luggage Covers & Packing Cubes



Luggage Covers and Packing Cubes 

So you figured out which suitcase (or suitcases!) you’re going to take on your next business or pleasure trip — fantastic. But do you know the best way to pack if your trip is short or long? Also, whether you’re a road warrior or occasional traveler, keeping your gear clean can be challenging, too. That’s where suitcase covers and packing cubes come into play — let’s take a closer look. 

Keep Your Bags Clean with Luggage and Suitcase Covers

When you buy one of our bags, you’re also forging a steadfast relationship with Briggs & Riley. We’ll be there to help you with all of your travel needs, big or small, near or far, business or pleasure. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee that comes with each piece of our luggage. Even so, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to want to take care of your gear along the way, which is where a luggage cover comes in handy. 

We offer suitcase protective covers in three different sizes so you can protect your bag from the unwanted side effects of constant travel. Each cover is form-fitting and easily removable to ensure your luggage stays clean and in the best shape possible. Of course, if your gear does get dirty, it’s really easy to freshen up both soft and hard-sided suitcases. 

Benefits of Travel Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are flexible, soft, compact containers that are typically square or rectangular. The idea is that you’ll be able to fit several of these travel cubes into your carry-on, checked bag, or even backpack. While packing cubes won’t necessarily save you space, they will help you keep your clothing organised. Other benefits include:

  • Less Wrinkling: Packing cubes help keep clothes neat and minimise wrinkles — we say minimise because it’s impossible to ensure that everything will be 100% wrinkle-free! Even so, choosing a proper packing method versus just tossing everything in a travel cube is still a good idea. The bonus is that everything will be kept neatly in place since it won’t be shifting around in your suitcase during transit. 
  • Streamlined: Packing isn’t always an enjoyable process, but packing cubes make the process easier because they help you organise everything from the get-go. The cubes also force you to put together outfits in advance, so you’re only taking what you really need. Upon arrival, you’ll know exactly what’s in each cube, so you don’t have to go rifling through your suitcase to find the pair of jeans and sweater you want to wear. 
  • Versatility: While packing cubes were designed for clothing, who says they can’t be used for something else? We’re talking about a cosmetics or toiletries bag, extra storage for your electronic devices, chargers, cables, or a laundry bag for dirty clothing. Just don’t forget to toss in a few dryer sheets to help keep your suitcase smelling fresh. 
  • Time Saver: There are some clothing and accessories that you may only take along with you when you travel, so there’s no need to unpack them. Simply keep them in your packing cubes, and you’ll be a step ahead next time you’re ready to skip town.